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Gravel Bike Maintenance Basics and Minimum Required Tools

As a sport bicycle, a gravel bike can be ridden comfortably for a long time as well as avoid accidents and problems by performing daily maintenance. We have compiled the basics of gravel bike maintenance and the minimum tools required.

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Gravel Road Bike Maintenance Basics

Gravel road bike maintenance should include

  1. tire pressure adjustment
  2. brake adjustment

The basics are the same as for road bikes.

For hobby use, you can start with the above two items and ask the store where you purchased the bike or a pro store to do the rest.

Tire Pressure Adjustment

Tire pressure adjustment is a fundamental part of riding a sport bicycle.

Gravel road bike tire pressure is determined from three points: tire regulations, wheel regulations, and proper air pressure.

First, check the recommended tire and wheel (rim) pressures, and then calculate the correct air pressure based on bike weight, tire size, and your weight.

Once you have determined the proper air pressure for your bike, you should check the air pressure regularly to maintain it at the correct pressure at all times.

Bicycle tires lose air pressure relatively quickly, so it is generally best to check and add air once a week, depending on the tire type and tube material.

Adjusting the Brakes

The next thing you want to do is adjust the brakes. It is no exaggeration to say that brakes are the most important part of a bicycle, and it is important to keep them in good working condition at all times.

Adjustment of the brakes can basically be done by tightening or loosening the adjustment bolts on the caliper side. Even once the brakes have been adjusted, the pads will wear down and the contact will change as you use them, and the pull that is comfortable for you to grip will also change as you change positions and become accustomed to leaning forward.

Therefore, if you change your brake position, feel that the brake pull is too soft, or feel that the brakes are less effective, you should adjust the brakes.

Note that on gravel road bikes with hydraulic brakes, if the brakes cannot be adjusted within the range of the adjustment bolts, it may be necessary to bleed the oil, so it is best to ask the store where you purchased the bike or a pro store to do this for you.

Minimum tools needed to service gravel road bike

Tools needed to adjust tire pressure

The only tool needed to adjust tire pressure is a pump with an air gauge. A pump with an air gauge is more expensive than a regular bicycle inflator, but since it can be purchased for about $ 30 in actual sales, do not be stingy and choose a good one.

The most popular pump with an air gauge is Lezyne’s pump with an air gauge, which is popular for its ease of use and high cost performance.

In addition, it is advisable to prepare tire levers and replacement tubes while buying a pump, as punctures and other tire tube changes are possible after riding for a long time.

Tools Required to Adjust Brakes

The tools needed to adjust the brakes depend on the brake model.

For Shimano, adjustment is often done with an Allen wrench, but some manufacturers use a Torx wrench to adjust some brakes, so look at your bicycle and choose the one you need.

When purchasing an Allen wrench, pay attention to the length of the handle. Having an Allen wrench with a long handle makes it easier to turn in tight spots and increases work efficiency.

If you have a hex wrench with a long handle, you can easily turn it in tight places.

We have looked at the minimum tools needed to maintain a gravel road bike.

You may hesitate to buy tools at first, but they are cosmetic in terms of regular maintenance and preventing breakdowns and accidents, and a pump and Allen wrench together can be purchased for about $40, so if you buy a gravel road bike, make sure you have them.

Be sure to ride safely!

Safety is important for gravel bikes, which can go as fast as road bikes and ride over rough terrain like MTBs. This article is about accessories and riding methods that enhance safety.

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